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Benefits of Backpack Travelling

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There are a lot of reasons to choose backpack travelling, which is why there are so many people travelling this way the world. Walking through almost any major city or touristic place, you will see these backpackers with their huge rucksacks. If you have also been contemplating the idea of backpacking through different countries, but are in need of a final push, here are some reasons for why it’s a great idea.


Easy to Transport Luggage

Backpacks are the most easy to transport type of luggage. If you will be walking long distances, or heading up the mountains and through rugged terrains, dragging along a suitcase just won’t work. Also, carrying a shoulder bag will weigh you down. With a backpack you will have the support of your shoulders and hips, over which it evenly distributes the weight of carrying your essentials. So it is easy to transport, as you don’t feel it weighing you down. For more comfort, they also usually have thick padding on the shoulder straps and hip belt.

Easier to Move Around

One of the biggest benefits is the ease of movement that a backpack provides. You won’t have the problem of dragging a rolling suitcase up a flight of stairs or maneuvering it through a large crowd of people.

Easy to Store

Almost in any transport method, be it a plane, train or bus, you will easily find storage place for your luggage. They can be taken as carry-on and stored in the overheat compartments of whatever transport you are taking. So it doesn’t have to be left in an outer storage, as you would have to do with most suitcases. So with having just a carry-on bag, you don’t need to worry about the airline losing your luggage or worry about it getting stolen when travelling by bus in less safer countries.

Good Organisation of the Essentialsbackpack-organizedMost of the backpacks usually have a multitude of compartments, where you can keep your essentials more organised. The multiple compartments make it easy for quick access to the items you need at hand. For example, the outer pockets of the backpack allow keeping water bottles, sunglasses, cellphone, passport and other frequently used items close at hand within reach.

Weather Proof

Most of the travel backpacks are made with waterproof fabrics, so it will keep your valuables safe from getting destroyed by the weather. So you don’t need to worry about your prized possessions when blustery showers hit. Your belongings will stay dry within the waterproof safety of your backpack. This is especially beneficial, if during your travels, you will be spending a lot of time outdoors. Look for a backpack that is made with polywick fabric or ballistic nylon, or other weather-resistant material.

Low Cost

Backpacks are considered to be some of the most low cost type of travel luggage. You can find a good quality travel backpack from a top brand for a considerable price. Look for backpacks that are made with durable and weatherproof materials and designed with different convenient compartments for organizing your essentials.

Thailand as the Best Place for Massage

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One of the things that Thailand is so popular for is its great massage. It’s a place where you can get the best massage and for the best price. The massage is offered there almost on every street corner, yet each has its unique point of difference.

The massage is deep rooted in Thai tradition and it’s one of the things that is most adored by travelers and expats. A good massage is more than just relaxation, it’s also one of the oldest methods of healing the body.massage in thailand

There are several types of Thai massage. The traditional one combines yoga positions and strong kneading. It’s the best for refueling and re-energizing your body. However, it’s definitely not for the faint hearted. It involves the masseur using most of his body parts – hands, forearms, elbows, knees, and feet. There’s also oil massage that really soothes the muscles and relaxes your body. And the third type is reflexology, which is a quick foot massage.

My first Thai massage experience I had when I arrived in Chiang Mai. It was just a small place in the backpackers area. It was a full body massage of the regular Thai style. I was feeling a bit sore the next day, but it definitely helped to loosen knots and pains in the body.

Most massage places in Thailand are just small shophouses with mats lined up on the floor with a curtain between each for some privacy.

Even strolling through the markets in Thailand, you will often find an outside area with chairs that you can drop into and get a quick foot or head massage.sidewalk massage

If you want a more unique experience, temples also offer massage. In one of the joints I also had a massage from a blind masseuse. She did an exceptional job, though it was quite a vigorous experience.

A common mistake of many of the arrivals is that all the parlours also offer “extras”. However, this isn’t the case. To avoid it, just steer away from soapy massage and go to shops outside the red-light areas.

Last month I came back home from Thailand. I was so used to going for massage there a couple of times a week, so reminiscing that experience I also decided to go to a local spa shop in my town. Though the massage experience was also very invigorating, the price was like ten times higher compared to what I usually paid in Thailand. But regular massage became part of my life. So I started thinking of other options that would offer me that relaxation and muscles soothing, but without having to pay a hefty amount of money each time. That’s when I decided to get a massage chair. It seems so convenient. I wanted the best massage chair to truly have the best massage experience. On Massage Chair Corner I found some reviews of the top products on the market. There were a couple of models that I liked but Inada Sogno Dreamwave was the one that really hit the sweet spot. It seemed to have all the needed features.

So now whether I’m in Thailand or at home, I can have a nice invigorating massage at any time I want.

Travel-Friendly Electric Toothbrush

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As you know I spend most of my time on the road, travelling and opening the world to myself. Being constantly on the move also requires that I keep my sonicare diamond cleanbelongings and luggage to a minimum. There is a list of essentials, which are just must haves for any person. Then there are the items that I can choose or not to include them in my backpack. Among the must haves there is the toothbrush. So for quite some time I had been researching different models and different brands to find the best one for my needs.

I have been using an electric toothbrush for many years now and I just don’t feel that a plain old manual toothbrush can give my teeth the quality cleaning they need. Before my adventurous travels begun I used to have an Oral B 5000 toothbrush. However, for travel it seemed like an inconvenient option. To charge it you need to bring with you the base. If you are travelling short term, this brush would suit just fine. The charge can hold for couple of weeks. So you can just charge it full before leaving and it will last you the whole trip. And, it does come with a handy travel case.

However, my trips last much longer than just a couple of weeks. So I was looking for something that wouldn’t include the charging base. I was considering battery operated toothbrushes, but they didn’t seem powerful enough and they don’t have that many features. Finally, I found the Sonicare DiamondClean, which is a relatively new model on the market. You can check it out on

travel electric toothbrush I have always heard only good things about the brand and the cleaning technology it uses. But the feature I liked most about this toothbrush is the possibility of charging it with a USB cable. The package of the brush includes a convenient travel case. If there are two of you backpacking, then you can benefit from this brush even more, as the travel case also fits two brush heads. So the two of you can just use the same toothbrush handle, but interchange the brush heads.

Charging it you can do right in the travel case. You just connect it with the USB cable to your laptop or alternatively plug it into an outlet. Additionally, it comes with a charger glass that uses conduction technology to power up the brush. But for a backpacker that would be an unneeded extra, one that you can do without.

Moreover, this model has powerful cleaning technology and offers different modes. So if you have sensitive teeth or gums, or would like to whiten your teeth, you will have the mode you need for that.

Packing your backpack, you want your items to be as compact as possible and as light as possible. In terms of compactness and lightness, the best option would be a manual toothbrush. But if you also want a brush that would benefit your teeth and make them healthier, then, like me, you should choose an electric toothbrush. So far I have not found a better and more convenient model than the Sonicare DiamondClean.

Tips for Backpacking Through Europe

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veniceBackpacking through Europe for many people is like and adventure of a lifetime. You travel from city to city, experience the grand architecture, stay in hostels, sleeping on overnight trains, meeting like-minded vagabonds from all over the world and take in all the experiences that the area has to offer. Below we offer some essential tips on backpacking in Europe.

Pack Light

Pack only the essentials. If you will be travelling for months, you don’t want to carry around extra weight. Pack enough clothing for just under one week and do laundry every one to two weeks. If you be will travelling for an extended period of time and will have both summer clothing and warm clothes in your backpack, send home the heavy sweaters when you no longer need them.

Plan Your Route

Europe is a big place and to explore all it has to offer will take much more than just a few weeks or even five years. Visiting a city or any particular destination of your interest, three to five days is sufficient enough to enjoy and learn about the place and what it has to offer. However, to really discover the city, you will need more time. To make a plan of your route get a blank spreadsheet and a map. Make two columns with the dates and the places you would like to visit. Then work out the places into the dates. Keep in mind that in cities like Rome, you might want to spend more time. Also, consider the time that it will take you to get from one city to another.plan-route

Where to Stay

Try to find and book hostels before you set out on your trip. Some of the places to look for hostels are HostelsEurope, HostelBookers and HostelWorld. Alternatively, you can do Couchsurfing.


Expect most of your expenses while travelling through Europe to be for the transportation (also the to and from Europe transportation) and accommodation. The other expenses, including food, shopping and attractions, it is easier to control. Before leaving home, make sure that your bank account has enough money to finance the trip.

Eating Cheap

If for every meal, you will be eating out, you will quickly drain your funds. Before you book a hostel, find out if they have a shared kitchen. There eating-cheapyou will be able to cook your own food, which is healthier, more affordable and you can browse the local markets for new flavors and foods. Street food is also a good option.


Transportation Within Europe

While in Europe, you can use several ways to travel between cities or countries. The cheapest or the free one would be hitchhiking. An affordable option is also using buses and coaches, which run from town to town. The most convenient way is using the railway. It’s efficient and fast, but can be more expensive than flying. One more option is to rent a car, which will give you the chance to wander off the path.

Health and Safety

Take any necessary prescription drugs that you use. Also, you might need medicine for allergic reactions and relief for upset stomach.

Europe is generally safe. However, it’s best to watch out for pickpockets and scam artists when in high-tourist areas.

Solo Travelling and Why You Should Do It

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Travelling alone might seem daunting. All the planning and also experiencing you have to do on your own. However, there are also good reasons to why travelling alone is a great idea that is worth considering. Here are some advantages of backpack travelling alone that allow you to get the most out of your adventure.solo travel


Travelling alone, the chances are higher that other travellers will approach you. Most people are usually hesitant approaching large groups of people. But if you are on your own, you will be surprised at how many people will approach you. This gives you the chance to take advantage of the amazing experiences that might not have otherwise presented themselves have you been travelling in a group.

As a solo traveller, you have complete control of your adventures. You can travel at the pace as slow or as fast as you like. You set your own schedule. You decide on your own what to do and which direction to travel. If you decide to change your travelling plans, change the route or stay longer at a place you liked, there’s nothing stopping you. You don’t need to compromise your plans and miss out on the things that interest you more.

You might think that travelling solo you will be lonely, but that is far from so. There are so many people travelling solo that odds are that you will bump into them along the way. With some you might click and decide to spend some days together or travel for some time in the same direction, while with others it might just be an interesting conversation in a hostel dorm, on the long coach journey or on the night out together. So you can travel solo, but still have company when you want it. It really gives you an opportunity to meet some amazing people.solo-traveler

Travelling alone also allows you to challenge yourself. It forces you out of your comfort zone and makes you more confident in your decisions and choices, as there is no one to rely upon or from whom to seek counsel. Dealing with unpredictable experiences or events on your own, you’ll get to learn more about yourself. These challenges make you stronger.

Travelling alone you are not as insular when travelling with a companion, so you have more chance to really meet the locals and experience the culture. Travelling as a group you can do that as well, but solo travellers are more likely to interact with the locals.

While backpack travelling is a fun adventure, you still can encounter stressful situations. Travelling with friends, sure the company is fantastic, but after several weeks the relationships can get tested. So plan carefully and think who you are backpacking with. After being on the road for a long period of time, there can be some tension. What you can do is arrange your trip in chunks. So first travel with your friends, then do some solo backpacking before meeting up with them in another location.